“Come follow me…”

Many times, an encounter with Jesus begins with the invitation, “Come…”

Sometimes it was simply, “Come to me…”

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Jesus – Matthew 11:28

At other times the invitation was, “Come follow me…”

…and, then he would say, “Therefore go…”

  • “Go in peace.” Luke 7:50
  • “Go and show love to others” “Luke 10:37
  • “Go and tell others what you have seen and heard.” Matthew 11:4
  • “Go and tell others what I have done for you.” Mark 5:19

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  • learn how to encourage and support others as they explore what it means to follow Jesus.

At the heart of this website is our desire to help you read the Bible for yourself and to learn to hear God speak to you. We believe that God has spoken to us, and continues to speak to us through the Bible and we want to introduce you to a simple way to read the Bible. The Discovery Bible Study(DBS) is a simple process that anyone can use.